Community aid programme supports rural Masvingo through food aid

By Mark Chavunduka

MASVINGO – The Community Based Aid Programme (CBAP) on September 30 donated food hampers to 243 vulnerable households at Chikarudzo Township Ward 13 under Chief Mugabe to help fight extreme hunger in the community.

The needy families took delivery of the grocery items which included cooking oil, rice, bars of laundry soap and salt.

A few days earlier, a similar donation had been made to 116 families in the Zimuto communal areas in Masvingo North.

Speaking to TellZim News after the donation, CBAP executive director Samuel Mhungu said the food hampers were a response to growing food insecurity caused partly by the coronavirus-induced national lockdown.

“The beneficiaries were selected from the villages based on vulnerability status. We have come to the aid of the people here after noting that the community was among the most severely- affected by the lockdown which significantly reduced local economic activity.

“We hope this little help will help lessen suffering and make life better for people of this community,” said Mhungu.

At the same event, Shadrek Muduma who was representing Chief Mugabe, expressed gratitude for the help which he said will assist the beneficiaries for a period of time.

“I want to thank CBAP for remembering us with these gifts. We have many hungry families that need all the help they can get to prevent extreme hunger,” said Muduma.

Gogo Moyo, a resident at Chikarudzo, said she was glad that CBAP had selected her community from among a host of others that were equally vulnerable.

The organization also runs a seed distribution programme in similarly disadvantaged communities as a way of helping lift people out of poverty by improving agricultural productivity.

In the education sector, CBAP supports selected children from poor backgrounds by paying their school fees and taking care of some of their basic needs at school.

“We pay fees and provide them with school uniforms as well as stationery as a way of reducing school dropout rates in the poor communities,” said Mhungu.