Constitution Making: Zanu (PF) In Quandary After Being Trounced By MDC-T

Well placed sources within Constitutional Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) told Radio VOP Tuesday that after the management committee resolved to use both the qualitative and quantitative methodologies in compiling data collected from countrywide public meetings, COPAC decided to test the workability of this method in the Zanu (PF) dominated Chivi district.

“The result was a resounding victory for the MDC-T. Among all positions that were being agitated for by MDC-T, 90 percent of them came out positive,” said the source. These included such as devolution of power; having a president with limited powers; the need for free and fair elections; basic human rights including social, economic and political rights, were all adopted by the district. The result also showed people in Chivi were strongly in favour of a one man, one farm policy; the conducting of a land audit and the establishment of a land commission in the country.

Following the “trouncing” of Zanu PF in its own area, party stalwart Emmerson Mnangagwa is said to be livid with Copac co-chairperson and party loyalist Paul Mangwana who wants him to explain how he (Mangwana) was “defeated” by Douglas Mwonzora, Copac co-chair from the MDC-T. Incidentally, Mangwana is Zanu (PF) legislator for Chivi Central constituency.

The Chivhi result is viewed as one of the main causes of the inordinate delay in the resumption of the stop-go process, which took a break nearly a month ago while at the thematic committee stage.

“Mnangagwa wants the methodology to be revised to one that would give Zanu (PF) the advantage,” said the source. Mwonzora confirmed to Radio VOP that the method was tested in Chivi and blamed Zanu (PF) for being unreasonable.

“The reason why Zanu (PF) is losing even the elections themselves is that it does not follow the people’s wishes. This is a clear case of what the people said during the outreach process. It has nothing to do with the feasibility of the method used,” said Mwonzora.

Zanu (PF) wants the thematic committees to use the quantitative approach while the two MDC formations are supporting the qualitative approach.