Constitutional Meetings In Harare Declared Null And Void

Some COPAC members convened meetings at St Peters, Stodart Hall, Mai Musodzi Hall, Netball Grounds all in Mbare and at Moth Hall in Braeside.

But Mwonzora said such meetings were immaterial because COPAC officials had been informed not to proceed with the meetings.

“They (meetings) are a nullity. They are irrelevant because we send the COPAC teams word but they didn’t listen,” said Mwonzora.

The Movement for Democratic Change legislator said the COPAC officials could have proceeded with the meetings in order to reward some of the people who were ferried by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) PF party to participate and dilute urbanites views at venues where they do not reside.

“You must appreciate that some people were bused,” said Mwonzora.

The COPAC co-chairperson said the management committee COPAC resolved on Monday to suspend all constitution outreach meetings for Harare after violence and chaos marred the exercise in the capital city and in Chitungwiza over the weekend.

Mwonzora said all meetings in Harare had been suspended pending the outcome of a probe into the violence that marred the weekend meetings where several people were assaulted while others were turned away from the meetings by supporters loyal to President Robert Mugabe. The management committee, Mwonzora said, demanded a report of detailing incidents of violence.

“They want to nullify the centres where violence took place,” said Mwonzora.