Controversial MDC-T’s Thabitha Khumalo MDC Defends Femai

Senator Morgan Femai suggested to parliamentarians in Kadoma that women should be forced to bath less and shave off their hair to make them less attractive to men and help curb the spread of HIV.

The politician added that new laws should be drawn up compelling women to make themselves less attractive to save men from themselves, according to a report on the New Zimbabwe website.

His utterances got worldwide condemnation with feminists calling for the expulsion of the politicians from political office.

“The issue of Femai happened at a workshop when members of parliament were discussing HIV and AIDS issues. Unfortunately there was a journalist whether he was invited or not I do not know. Instead of picking up issues to do with HIV and AIDS, he decided Femai was a scoop.

“At that workshop resolutions were made by MPs on HIV and AIDS and commercial sex workers. Why did you not write the issue of the resolutions? You decided to write Femai and what indication have you sent to the people? To hate Femai? But people are dying of HIV and AIDS. Can you please go back to the organisers of that workshop and look for the resolutions that were made,” Thabitha Khumalo, the MDC-T deputy spokesperson challenged journalists during a Quill speak in Harare Thursday evening.

Like Femai, Khumalo, who is also MDC-T Member of Parliament for Bulawayo East, is embroiled in similar controversies   as she is pushing for the decriminalization of the prostitution.

Last week Thabitha also said married women should know their husband’s girlfriends and always keep in touch with them suggesting that by so doing HIV and AIDS can be curbed.