Controversial Zwambila Ordered To Respond To Sexual Allegations

“We have requested the ambassador in Canberra to make a report to us telling her side of the story and we are actually waiting for that report,” Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Joey Bimha told Radio VOP, Thursday.

He added, “We are hoping to get a report by the end of this week.”

Zwambila, a member of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), was in May this year accused by her Butler of twice ordering him to her bedroom at 10pm when she was ‘half naked’ ostensibly to bring her a glass of coke.

But ambassador Bimha said his ministry would not make any rushed conclusions based on sensational media reports but would afford the controversial envoy a fair chance to be heard.

“Allegations have been made against the Australian ambassador. We have heard one side of the story. It is only when we have information from both sides that we would be in a position to assess the situation,” said Bimha.

She was last year accused of stripping in front of her embassy staff.