Cop Bashes Female Motorist At A Road Block

HARARE- Three strong punches in the face have left a Borrowdale woman with a dislocated jaw and in severe pain thanks to a ZRP Constable.

It is alleged that the woman, name concealed for security reasons, was driving home on Tuesday afternoon around 14h00 when she was stopped at a roadblock by a Cst Danda at corner Piers rd and Borrowdale lane. Cst Danda charged her for not wearing her seat belt and she kindly asked to leave her driver’s licence while she rushed to get money for the spot fine.

Out of the blue Cst Danda yanked the keys from the car’s ignition whilst the car was still idling and when she asked to get her keys back the officer got incensed punching the woman three times in the face accusing her of not following instructions and trying to escape from him.

When the woman screamed for help another officer nearer to the two turned his back and moved away.

Now the woman has opened a case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm at Borrowdale Police Station and a copy of a medical report leaked to us outlines the injuries sustained.

Speaking in a telephone interview exclusively to our correspondent in Harare, the complainant said she just wants justice to prevail because, in her own words “police officers should not be both the arresting detail and judge at the same time”.

When contacted for comment the police spokesperson Charity Charamba expressed ignorance about the matter saying the report have not yet reached her desk.


This happens in the background of a major outcry by many Zimbabweans enlightened through Pastor Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag campaign which calls for active citizenry against injustice and mismanagement by public servants, police included. Mawarire has been advocating for among other things naming and shaming of unruly, mismanagement and corrupt tendencies among public servants.