COPAC Kicks Out Brigadier Nyikayaramba

Douglas Mwonzora and Edward Mkhosi, the other co-chairpersons representing Movement for Democratic Change led by Tsvangirai and MDC respectively confirmed that the overzealous army chief, who is on record as saying President Robert Mugabe should rule for ever, was kick-off last week.

“He has been fired. Nyikayaramba is a serving soldier and therefore cannot be a member of COPAC especially at an advisory level, “said Mwonzora.

Mkhosi said the issue of Nyikayaramba was now water under the bridge.

“He has left. It is now under the bridge,” he added.

Munyaradzi Mangwana, while confirming that he was no longer with COPAC, said Nyikayaramba’s contract had lapsed.

“His contract with COPAC has come to an end so he has left. It is wrong to say he has been booted out,” he said.

The two MDC formations have long raised concerns about his involvement in the constitution-making process since he was serving member of the army.