Copac Process Is Nothing But Politics: Minister Majome

On several occasions the leading constitutional lobby group, the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) has argued that the Copac was not going to deliver a people driven and democratic constitution as the process was solely controlled by political parties.

“This constitutional process is nothing but politics” Majome said at a civil society meeting organised by the Action for Conflict Transformation.

“The politics of the constitutional process is acrimonious, there is deep polarisation in Zimbabwe that a number of issues had to be parked during the drafting process such as multiple citizenship, number of vice presidents, devolution and land issue” added Majome.

Majome, who is also Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change secretary for parliamentary and constitutional affairs, took a swipe at Zanu (PF) alleging the party was in desperate need of proper legal advice as she alleged the party exposed ignorance even on obvious issues of human rights. 

Demonstrating trivia exposed by Zanu (PF), Majome, added that Zanu (PF) at certain points spent time arguing even on semantics like ‘good’ preferring to have such terms omitted.

Majome warned Zanu (PF) should learn from Muammar Gaddafi who desperately needed human rights defence at the dusk of his political career when holed up in a trench where he was captured by the rebels.

Zanu (PF) is reported to be calling for the military to be allowed to participate openly in political processes which is viewed by civil society as a danger to democracy and accountability.  Majome also cited issues of underfunding of the process that in a way hampered the process.

“The constitutional process is probably one of the under-funded processes in the world. Currently about US $42 million has been invested in the process and to complete the exercise might reach the figure of US$46 million” lamented Majome.

This figure is minute if compared to other countries like Kenya that consumed about US $1 billion in its constitutional making process.

The meeting was attended by Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, National Constitutional Assembly, Movement for Democratic Change, Congress of South Africa Trade Unions among others.