Copac Teams Evicted From Bulawayo Hotel

COPAC co-chairperson, Edward Mkhosi said that they had managed to book the outreach team at various hotels dotted around Bulawayo though he denied to name the hotels.

“We have managed to get them booked in some hotels around Bulawayo but the sad story is that the outreach team in Masvingo is threatening to go on strike over non-payment of their allowances for the past four weeks,” said Mkhosi.

“We cannot pay them in advance because some of the outreach team members have developed a tendancy of missing out outreach meetings and attending to their personal business.

“l am informed that the outreach team at Chevron Hotel in Masvingo wants to go on stike due to non-payment of their allowances. They have no money to buy food and very soon they might also be kicked out the facility,” said Mkosi.

The Copac outreach teams have not been paid for some time now due to lack of funds.

Meanwhile, at a media workshop held in Mutare, Copac co-chairperson, Douglas Mwonzora had blamed the media for covering negative issues about COPAC.

“The media is bent on giving us bad publicity. This is a big task, we are bound to have negative issues but don’t blow them out of proportion,” he said.