Cope Calls Malema "Village Idiot"

” We are calling on the ruling party to deal decisively with this populist nonsense emanating from its ranks, ” said Dexter.

The ANC youth league leader has described the 2010 Fifa World Cup as an “imperialist activity” which brought people to South Africa for the purpose of exploitation when welcoming the organising committee of the 17th World Festival for Youth and Students.

Cope says Malema’s remark was an embarrassment to the people of South Africa.

“The Congress of the People rejects the view of the ANC Youth League Leader that the 2010 Fifa World Cup was an ‘imperialist activity’ which brought people to our shores for the purposes of exploitation,” said Dexter.

He said for Malema to undercut the progress made during the World Cup in forging a national identity and marketing the country amounted to an unpatriotic utterance.

“Whatever its shortcomings and the resultant costs at the level of nation building and showcasing our country, the World cup was a success.

“To now seek to undermine this success with petty point scoring and rank populism does not benefit anyone.”