Corruption, Abuses Cited In Army Recruitment Exercise

Some aspiring recruits who responded to press adverts from the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and went to the recruitment exercise held Wednesday at army headquarters Four Brigade here told Radio VOP that some officers were asking for bribes from boys, while soliciting for sex from girls as a prerequisite to gain entry.

“We passed everything and completed the ten kilometre running distance well in time. But some officers started asking for $5 bribes during the vetting exercise.

“But we had no money; we did not know that there could be a need for money. The officers were demanding sex from the girls. It is so shocking,” one participant said.

He said relatives of war veterans were making it into the army even without completing the ten-kilometre running distance within the recommended time.

Another girl said she went back home without getting the job after she refused to have sex with a senior officer who had demanded sex.

“They demanded sex afterwards…but I refused. And I did not make it, but it is better that way,” said the girl.

But Four Brigade public relations officer, Warrant Officer Class two, Kingston Chivave, refuted the allegations.

“I am not aware of that. As far as we are concerned, there is transparency in the manner in which we rope in soldiers. That is why there were so many officers,” he said.

Chivave undertook to look into the matter.