Court ends Haruzivishe’s detention over public violence charges

HARARE Magistrate Wongai Muchuchuti on Friday 7 February 2020 ended
the detention of Makomborero Haruzivishe, a pro-democracy campaigner,
who was arrested by Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers and
charged with inciting public violence and resisting arrest by law
enforcement agents.

Haruzivishe was arrested on Wednesday 5 February 2020 by some ZRP
officers and charged with incitement as defined in section 187 of the
Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act and resisting a peace
officer as defined in section 176 of the Criminal Law (Codification
and Reform) Act.

Prosecutors alleged that Haruzivishe incited some vendors to commit
public violence by whistling to them when some ZRP officers were on an
operation to round up informal traders in Harare’s central business

Haruzivishe, the prosecutors charged, also resisted arrest by some
police officers who wanted to apprehend him.

On Friday, Magistrate Muchuchuti set free Haruzivishe, who had spent
two nights in police detention at Harare Central Police Station, by
granting him $200 bail.

The Magistrate also ordered Haruzivishe, who was represented by Kossam
Ncube of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, not to interfere with
state witnesses and to continue at his given residential address.

Haruzivishe returns to court on Wednesday 20 February 2020, where his
trial is scheduled to commence.