Court Evicts Mohadi from “His” Plot

Four villagers Given Mbedzi, Alfheli Nare, Kumbirai Ncube and Sorofia Ndou, who are the applicants, had approached High Court in January seeking an order barring the Mohadis from evicting them from their Plot Number 1 of Lot 9 of Jopembe Block in Beitbridge, Matabeleland South province.

“Remove all your property and locks installed on plot, Number 1 of Lot 9 Jopembe, Beitbridge and refrain from interfering with the gates, doors and fence on the plot, “ruled Judge Justice Kamocha on Friday.

The High Court Judge also ordered the Mohadis “to refrain from either themselves or through persons under their control, placing any cattle or other livestock on applicants’ plots or from in any way interfering with the farming operations carried out by the applicants or their employees on the plot.”

In their urgent chamber application filed in January on the villagers’ behalf lf by lawyer Zibusiso Ncube, Mbedzi also alleges that the Mohadis wanted to shoot him and his colleagues with an AK 47 at his farm but the firearm jammed twice.
He said they ran for their lives  but his 67-year-old mother Philani Ndou and Soforia were shoved into the Mohadis’ vehicle and taken back to his plot where his property was strewn all over the yard.

He said the Mohadis and their agents forced the pair to remove the property at gunpoint. Mbedzi said he feared for his life as the threats by the Mohadis’ were real.