Court Orders Police off Woza Premises

Police had occupied WOZA offices on the 10th of June.

High Court Judge, Justice Nicolas Mathonsi in his ruling restored full possession and occupation of the house to WOZA and directed the police to immediately vacate the place.

Police Commissioner-General, Augustine Chihuri, Chief Superintendent P.R Moyo, the Officer Commanding CID Law and Order Section at Bulawayo Central Police Station and the Officer In Charge CID Law and Order Section at Bulawayo Central Police Station were cited as respondents in the case.

Justice Mathonsi directed the respondents “to order and facilitate the immediate withdrawal of all police officers from the WOZA premises and the surrounding yard and not to remove anything from the house without due process”.

WOZA was represented by their lawyer, Kossam Ncube of Kossam Ncube and Partners.

In his urgent application on 14 June after police had invaded the house, Ncube was seeking an order directing police authorities to “remove all police officers from the WOZA house and the surrounding yard with immediate effect and to bar the police from removing anything whatsoever from the house.”

WOZA spokesperson, Magodonga Mahlangu in an interview said the militant pressure group had for the past two weeks failed to conduct its operations as police had invaded their offices.

“…because of the occupation of our property, WOZA has been unable to use its offices for its purposes. We have been unable to conduct our business,” Mahlangu said.