Cuban doctors arrive in SA to help fight COVID-19 spread

A team of Cuban doctors has arrived in South Africa to assist officials in stemming the spread of the coronavirus.

Now South Africa will benefit from Cuba’s global effort to fight COVID-19.

The South American doctors have landed on South African soil in a quest to help fight the spread of COVID-19.

The island nation boasts a strong health care system and many students from Africa study medicine in Cuba.

In previous cases of crisis, Cuban doctors were the first to arrive in Africa to help fight Ebola.

SABC News Foreign Editor Sophie Mokoena said the group consists of highly skilled medical doctors.

“One thing many people always talk about is the level of medical training in Cuba particularly their primary health care. They have a huge talent but also experience and expertise, they will be able to share their experiences and they’ll be able to assist.”

“It will be a good thing for them to share information of their experience with our own medical teams here in South Africa in different parts, particularly in provinces where you have high numbers.”

The number of South African coronavirus confirmed cases in South Africa has risen to 4 564.