Cuthbert Dube Fired As PSMAS CEO

Harare, January 27, 2014-The Zimbabwean government has acted to effect the immediate dismissal of Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) Chief executive Cuthbert Dube, as well as the firing of his board Chairperson Mrs M.M Namasasu.

The development comes after ZimEye reported that Dube awarded himself a salary which is 7 times more than what US President Barack Obama gets at a time his medical society was also struggling to meet its due monthly obligations having accumulated a $38million debt.

Sources in the Ministry of Health told ZimEye the directive was given by the Minister in charge, Dr Samuel Parirenyatwa.

Dube has been taking $230 000 home every month on top of other handsome allowances. He was the head of the ZBC board which was also fired by government last year for awarding the corporation’s four top management amazing salaries and allowances.

After the revelation of PSMAS obscene salaries there have been numerous calls for the government to suspend or fire the entire PSMAS board, Dube and his top management.