CZI Attacks Political Leaders

The CZI president, Joseph Kanyekanye, was addressing an annual congress of the businesses organisation.
He said political parties in government were more interested in political scores than the growth of the economy.

“Our politicians are engaged in mortal danger for political supremacy at the expense of our economic growth, industry viability and ultimately at great disservice to young generations,” Kanyekanye told business leaders on Wednesday.
“We are a nation of elections, restructuring of parties, congresses and primaries between an election and outstanding issues. These elections about elections and election dissipate economic recovery efforts and create deep-seated anti-business policies and actions.”
Kanyekanye’s statements conflicts with his earlier statements when he attended a Zanu (PF) anti-sanctions campaign earlier this year where he praised President Robert Mugabe and war veterans of the liberation struggle. Other business leaders said the statements by Kanyekanye did not reflect all the industry representatives.
Although the unity government formed two years ago was initially set to stabilise the economy, the talk of elections has seen investors holding on to their monies as they fear chaos will disrupt business activity during elections.

Although no dates have been set for holding of elections, President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) party have been insisting that the country hold elections, while Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC have demanded for reforms before holding any polls.