DA calls for SA Parliament to fully resume business

The DA says Parliament must put COVID-19 protocols in place and start its legislative business.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) wants Parliament to fully resume business as the country starts to ease COVID-19 lockdown regulations to Alert Level one.

Last Thursday, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa would ease lockdown restrictions as coronavirus infections started to decline. The country moves to A

at midnight on Sunday.

The party says the institution must put COVID-19 protocols in place and start its legislative business.

DA Chief Whip Natasha Mazzone says the national legislature must lead by example and stop making excuses.

Mazzone says, “If the country is expected to open and schools are expected to open, certainly Parliament should lead by example following all COVID-19 protocols. Parliament should exactly show the country how one can operate in the time of COVID-19 pandemic by following all safety protocols and disinfection protocols. But certainly, parliament needs to hold the executive to account. It needs to show that the country we are an operation that we are running and needs to lead by example.”

Teachers must return

The Department of Basic Education has issued notice to all teachers who were granted concession to work from home during the nationwide lockdown,

By the end of August, all learners had returned to school amid adherence to strict social distancing and hygiene guidelines.