DA Turns Classrooms into Cattle Pens

Primary school children are now being forced to share classrooms with cattle and goats.

Beza Primary School is situated in a farm, formerly owned by Benly Mitchel, a white farmer who was booted out at the height of fast track land reform program.

Murapa who grabbed the farm is justifying using the classrooms saying the buildings are party of his property since they are in his farm.

Murapa refused to comment saying he had no time to respond to VOP. “I have no time for you, write whatever you want. I know that you are biased, you are anti-land reform,” said Murapa.

His boss, Masvingo Provincial Administrators and Acting Governor for Masvingo Felix Chikovo said he needed more time to investigate the issue.

“I was not aware of the incident, let me investigate the issue and come back to you,” said Chikovo.

Parents with children who are sharing same buildings with cattle and goats condemned Murapa saying he is abusing his powers.

“We are threatened of being removed from our plots every time that we confront him. We are scared that our children might get infected by diseases because they are forced to clear cow dung from their
classrooms every day,” said Antony Moyo who has a grade 3 child.

Masvingo Provincial Education Director (PED), Clara Dube said the issue was too political.

“I am not very sure but I think the issue is too political,” she said.