Dabengwa Absolves Mujuru From Gukurahundi Atrocities

“After I had been released from Chikurubi Prison, I had an opportunity to ask Rex (Nhongo, Mujuru’s nom de guerre) if he was among those who had turned on us but he vehemently denied this saying this had been a collective decision taken by his party and he was not part of it,” Dabengwa told RadioVop this week.

Government has allocated 15 buses to Matabeleland province to ferry mouners to the burial ceremony of Mujuru who was burnt beyond recognition by fire which gutted his Beatrice farm house on Tuesday morning. The cause of the fire is still being investigated by police.

His burial has been set for Saturday at the National heroes Acre in Harare.

There are accusations that since Mujuru was army commander during the atrocities, it was impossible the military operation could not have been carried out without his authority.

But Dabengwa said Mujuru had confided in him that he did not want this to be carried out under his direct command.

“He (Mujuru) refused to carry the order under his command. That is why they went on to form the Fifth Brigade which went on to carry out the atrocities,” he said.

Dabengwa described the late Mujuru as a lenient man who was raised in a Ndebele family in Bulawayo under an aunt who was called MaMbambo.

Said Dabengwa, “Rex probably went into introspection and saw that if he gets involved he would find himself killing his own… He was someone who had an independent thought and refused to have this carried out under his order.”

Zanu (PF) National Chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo told Radio VOP that the government had allocated Matabeleland 15 buses to ferry mourners.

“Transport has indeed been availed through the Ministry of Local Government and Urban Development. We call upon everyone to attend,” Khaya-Moyo said in an interview, saying mourners will be collected at different venues of three provinces on Friday evening.

Mujuru’s remains is expected to be taken to his rural home in Chikomba, Sadza, Friday.From Sadza the remains will be flown to Marondera, the capital of Mashonaland East province and will be then ferried back to Harare where they will lie in state at his Chisipite residence.

Acting President Joice Mujuru has brushed aside speculation that there might have been foul play in the death of her husband.

She warned Zanu (PF) Politburo members and close relatives at her Chisipite residence to be wary of some sections of society which are reported to be spreading malicious information about the death of her husband.