Daniel Chingoma Forms Political Party

Chingoma, Managing Director of Taisek Engineering (Private) Limited (Taisek),  is a Zimbabwean engineer made famous by his ‘helicopter invention” in Harare.

The engineer regularly shows off his helicopter at the annual Harare Agricultural Show (HAS) at his stand.

“I think Zimbabweans need a party that is for intellectuals,” he said in an interview with Radio VOP.

“There are no parties for intellectuals in Zimbabwe and that is why things are going down especially the infrastructure. This is very bad and that is why I have formed my own party.”

He said he would go to well wishers especially academics to help him raise funds for his campaign against he MDC-T, MDC-M and Zanu (PF) in the next election.

He says he is putting up his posters and campaign message in toilets throughout the country.

“Everyone goes to the toilet and d so I have decided to put up my posters in the toilets for both men and women,” he said when asked how he was advertising himself.

“Since the ZBC TV and radio only allow Zanu PF to advertise I will do so in toilets.”

Chingoma already has put up several photocopied posters in toilets in Harare at several bus terminus and people are laughing all the way because they have never seen such a political campaign.