Danish 'Genital mutilator' Used Fake Documents-SA Court

BLOEMFONTEIN, November 4, 2015 – Danish citizen Peter Frederiksen accused of collecting women’s genitals and storing it in his freezer, was in South Africa with fraudulent documents, the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court heard on Wednesday.

Home affairs official Nico Breed testified at his bail hearing that the department had been investigating his movements since his first appearance in court.

The 63-year-old Frederiksen was allegedly issued his first passport in 1985 which expired in 1995. It states that he is Danish and born in Vedboek in Denmark.

“No record could be found that he used this passport to enter or depart South Africa,” said Breed.  

Frederiksen was also issued another passport in 1995, which expired in 2005, which stated that he was born in the Danish district of Sollerod.

Breed said when Frederiksen applied for a temporary residence permit in South Africa, he claimed he owned a construction company. However, recent investigations revealed that the company was not registered under his name.  

Breed also told the court that Frederiksen’s ID states that he is single and not married.

Frederiksen allegedly has Lesotho travel documents, which reveals that his place of birth is Denmark but his nationality is “Mosotho”.

“On several occasions entries were recorded with no departures and departures were recorded with no entries,” said Breed.

Earlier on Wednesday the ANCWL said they were in court to make certain that he doesn’t get bail.  

“We are here to make sure that justice is served. As a matter of fact we want him to rot in jail. We are hurt, we are sad, we are embarrassed and humiliated as women,” said ANCWL member Joyce Davids.

The State is opposing bail. The hearing continues.