Defected Ex-Senator says Welshman Arrogant Loser

Ndlovu who was also smaller MDC’s Bulawayo provincial secretary for defence and security told journalists in Bulawayo that Ncube’s party is already crumbling because of divisions.

“The reason why I have decided to leave Welshman’s party and join MDC-T is because that man has destroyed it. He runs the party like his personally tuck-shop and is very arrogant. He is a blinded tribalist who also runs the party on ethnicity.

“Actually Welshman is the reason why the original united MDC crumbled; we have four MDCs right now because of him. At first he pushed out Morgan Tsvangirai from united MDC.

“After that he pushed out Job Sikhala, Arthur Mutambara, Abdnenico Bhebhe, NjabulisoMguni, and Norman Mpofu among others from his party. He doesn’t listen to anybody and if his party wins a single parliamentary seat next election it will be a great miracle,” said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu was smaller MDC Senator for Lobengula- Magwewe from 2005 to 2008. He lost his senatorial seat to the late MDC-T’s Gladys Gombami-Dube. Gombami–Dube succumbed to bird- flu in December last year.

Ncube was elected as the smaller MDC president in 2011, replacing Mutambara.

Tsvangirai and Ncube are also former allies who launched the united MDC in 1999 with the former becoming the President whilst the later becoming the Secretary General of the party.

Last year Ncube once described Tsvangirai as a useless leader who has betrayed Zimbabweans by allowing the powers bestowed upon him upon signing the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to slip away to President Robert Mugabe.

The vibrant united MDC party split in 2005 over strategy and participation in Senate elections held that year.