Defiant Miners Face Arrest : Kasukuwere

Speaking at a preparatory meeting for the launch of the Community Share Ownership Scheme Trust (CSOS/T) Kasukuwere said the Indigenisation Bill was passed into law in parliament and anyone who disregards it will be arrested.

“Those who seat in parliament know that President Mugabe signed the Bill and now we have a law and anyone who breaks the law is arrested”, he said.

His sentiments come amid reports that at least two mines are resisting implementing the scheme which has resulted in the delay of the launch in Matabeleland South by President Mugabe.

“As you can see this man here is a giant and can arrest anyone”, he said referring to Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi who sat beside him.

Kasukuwere said the Indigenisation Program will continue to some sectors once they have finished with mining.

“In addition to mineral resources and in Matabeleland South in particular natural resources such as forests, water bodies, tourist facilities and wildlife are being exploited largely for the benefit of foreigners” , he said.

Nineteen mining firms have been shortlisted for CSOS/T and have been ordered to pay US$15 000 each towards the successful launch of the programme, furthermore they will have to contribute towards US$2 million that has been set as the initial amount of the trust fund.

Zimplants was the first to launch the scheme followed by Unki Mines while Mimosa launched the scheme last month.

The “Share Scheme” has been dismissed by both MDC formations as a vote buying gimmick by ZANU PF as it distributes shares grabbed from foreign-owned companies in exchange for votes.

Economic analysts say the community ownership trusts could plunge the country, still smarting from a decade long economic demise, into deeper crisis as it will scare away foreign investors.