Defiant Sikhala Threatens "Terrorist” Attacks on Polling Stations

“Under these conditions we will sabotage them,” Sikhala said to journalists at a party press conference Friday morning.

“We will change ourselves from a proper opposition movement to a terrorist group. We will attack all polling stations throughout the country. People who will go there we will also inflict terror on them.”

The former MDC legislator for St Marys constituency accused Mugabe of keeping himself and his party in power through terror on ordinary Zimbabweans and urged fellow opponents to Mugabe to join him.

He vowed to fight Mugabe’s terror strategies.

“People of Zimbabwe have not been able to vote freely since time immemorial on the basis of the terror factor. So we also want to inflict terror and fear into the heart of the tyrant.

“The tyrant must be afraid. When they hear Job Sikhala speaking they must know that I
don’t give empty threats. I must follow words with action.”

Sikhala, who last led a handful of his party faithful into a street protest march to President Mugabe’s Munhumutapa building last month, said he was unperturbed by his small support base and the prospect of confronting Mugabe who is backed by the army.

“An effective strategy does not involve numbers. (Former dissidents) Gwesela, Gayigusu and Fidel Castro, the three fighters in Matabeleland gave Zanu-PF headaches from 1980 to 1987. That is specifically our strategy.”

Sikhala said he did not fear death and urged Zimbabweans to join his call to confront “the dictator”.

“We will expose him (Mugabe) to the international community,” he said.

“There is no leader in the world that had so oppressive an army and the most oppressive intelligence system like Gaddaffi (Muammar) but he was retrieved out of a tunnel. So dictators must know they are not indispensable. They are just as human as all of us here.

“They also visit the toilet like you also visit the toilet. They think they are super human.”

Sikhala demanded the scrapping of sections in the country’s electoral laws which compel voters to display their folded ballots soon after casting their votes saying this creates anxiety among the voters who fear being victimised for voting against Zanu-PF.

He added, “Polling station based voting should be vigorously resisted. The rule of law should be upheld. There must be security for all citizens. Fear must be removed from the people.

“MDC(99), as the only political party that remains guided by the founding principles of a Zimbabwe opposition movement committed to democracy, exposing Zanu-PF and refusal to compromise with tyranny, will champion the full exposure of the great electoral fraud and solutions to the attainment of a democratic Zimbabwe in which free, fair and credible elections are held.”