‘Delay in resolving Chirumanzu chieftainship dispute can divide Zanu PF vote’

By Stephen Chadenga

The delay in resolving the Chirumanzu chieftainship wrangle has the potential to divide the Zanu PF vote in the district if the issue is not handled carefully, a Zanu PF activist and war veteran has said.

Zanu PF women league member and a war veteran from Mashonaland West, Florence Gwanyanya said it was “surprising” that a ” clear and uncomplicated”  Chirumanzu chieftainship matter was taking time to be concluded at a time the ruling party needed to concentrate on campaigning for the 2023 elections.

“I wonder if the President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) is even aware of such an issue,”Gwanyanya said last weekend in Mvuma at a ceremony to welcome the Chiminyamakono Mutyanda sub-house to the Chirumanzu royal family clan.

“Why is it taking time to have a substantive chief appointed. From what we have gathered on Saturday at this meeting, the Chirumanzu chieftainship houses are united and moving in one direction and there is need to conclude this issue so that people start campaigning for President Mnangagwa.”

She said continuous disputes divided the ruling party.

Guest speaker at the event, Chief Govo from Silobela said it “unhealthy” for families to continue squabbling for chieftainship and said they should “unite in following their succession matrixes.”

Chiminyamakono becomes the 12th of the Nherera and Simba Chirumanzu chieftainship houses.

All representatives from the 12 chieftainship houses at the meeting said “greediness” was threatening unity in the Chirumanzu chieftainship as some “did not want to give turn to other families.”

At the ceremony Julius Chimbi Chigegwe was announced the incoming substantive chief Chirumanzu with the chieftainship elders saying they were bow waiting for the provincial chiefs council for him (Chigegwe) to be officially appointed.

Although he was invited to the ceremony acting Chirumanzu Chief, Fidelis Mudzengi snubbed the occasion which he said was “null and void.”

But the clan which got clearance from the police to hold the function said they could not be hold at “ransom by one man who does not want to unite with other family members.”

The battle for the Chirumanzu chieftainship started following the death of the late Chief Jerald Mudzengi in February 2019.

Fidelis, son to the deceased Mudzengi, has been acting since then but has allegedly refused to hand over power to the next heir, one Julius Chimbi Chigegwe, at the end of his acting term in February this year.