Deliver on electoral promises to avoid citizens exposure in foreign lands, Govt challenged

By Stephen Chadenga

Opposition Zimbabwe Socio-Economic Democrats president, Nkosikhona
Ndlovu has challenged the Zanu PF led government to work on
resuscitating the ailing economy to avoid exposing citizens to
xenophobic attacks in foreign lands.

Ndlovu said although violence which recently saw Zimbabwean Elvis
Nyathi stoned and burnt alive in Diepsloot, South Africa could not be
condoned, government had a duty to deliver on its electoral processes
to create a conducive economic and political environment so that they
don’t flock out of the country for greener pastures.

“As ZSD we continue to call upon the serving government to deliver on
upon its huge electoral promises and improve the economy to curtail
the current exodus by citizens for greener pastures,” Ndlovu told
Radio Vop in an interview.

“This latest round of xenophobic violence is yet another reminder to
thousands of expatriate Zimbabweans of the challenges that lie ahead.

“Due to increasing economic difficulties worldwide we might see more
and more such scenes of violent retribution in foreign lands. It is
never easy being an immigrant in a foreign country and even more
difficult if one is an illegal immigrant.”

The Gweru based politician said the exposure of locals to attacks in
foreign lands was a reminder of the need to actively participate in
electoral processes to “effect political change that can bring
socio-economic stability in the country.”

He however called for the South African government to do more in
protecting foreigners within its borders saying that Africans killing
each was a disgrace to the continent’s pride of human dignity.