Demo against ED in South Africa looms

By  Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Following a spate of protests by doctors and nurses in Harare and Bulawayo ,a group of  Zimbabweans living in South Africa will in solidarity demonstrate against the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led administration  on Friday.

Speaking to Radio VOP from South Africa,one of the organisers of the group under the banner Chapter 2 Movement,Elvis Mugari  rallied all Zimbabweans living in South Africa to  through the Zimbabwe embassy in Pretoria  register their displeasure over the poor administration by  the ruling Zanu PF .

“All Zimbabweans here in South Africa  are invited to  throng the Zimbabwe embassy in Pretoria  on Friday  and send a strong message to the Mnangagwa regime that its  time is up.

“We have witnessed  massive looting and corruption under Mnangagwa. Our people are in distress, its time for us as Zimbabweans to liberate themselves and this is a non partisan demonstration, we need every voice.

“Don’t forget your mask and we will maintain all social distancing regulations,” urged Mugari.

Mugari is holed up in South Africa,he fled the country last year after being threatened with arrest and death  for allegedly  co-ordinating the January protests  which left at least a  dozen of citizens dead owing to state security brutality.

The Mnangagwa administration is under scrutiny for the heightened human rights violations that have characterised the ongoing lockdown with the highlights being the abductions of three young female MDC activists who are now facing charges of stage-managing their abductions.

The US ,EU and the United Nations have since lodged their concerns with the authorities in Harare on the  need to continue  upholding  and safeguarding  human rights.

There is also a huge concern with the high level of corruption that  is involving top government officials and recently government owing to pressure had to haul before courts businessman Dilesh Nguwaya to answer charges of allegedly fraudulently acquiring a tender to supply COVID-19  PPE sundries.Nguwaya is reported to be closely linked to one of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sons  and critics have argued that the case is meant to sway people into believing that the Zanu PF-led government is sincere in its anti-corruption stance.