Demote Nyikayaramba-MDC-T

“To us we see the promotion as reward of the terror and intimidation he has caused among the citizens of Zimbabwe. He has been promoted for abusing and stifling democracy in this country and as MDC we say he should rather be demoted than being promoted.

“We believe that any serving defence force member should be promoted on Merit, for example the late General Solomon Mujuru who in this country ever doubted his credentials? That is what we respect.

“We seriously think that Nyikayaramba’s behaviour calls for urgent security sector reform so that the country has a non partisan defence force. Even if MDC is to rule this country tomorrow we do not want a partisan security force. We want them to serve and defend the nation and its citizen’s not political parties and their masters. We need a security force which respects the rights of every citizen without favour.

“The situation which is prevailing here today is abnormal, that when democratic forces including MDC demand or complain about human rights they are arrested and if a Zanu-PF cadre commits a crime he is not arrested. In a nutshell as MDC we are saying Nyikayaramba should be demoted,”Madzore told Radio VOP in an interview in Harare Saturday.

Brigadier General Nyikayaramba was at the end of the week promoted and subsequently transferred from Mutare’s 3 Brigade to the Army Headquarters where he will be the chief of staff  at the Outer master

Nyikayaramba last year became one of the outstanding issues in the Global Political Agreement when he   declared war against MDC-T by denouncing its leader Morgan Tsvangirai saying his party should not hold any rally in Manicaland.

Nyikayaramba who is President Robert Mugabe’s ally said   elections should be held and only President Robert Mugabe was suppose to win the poll.

While in charge of 3 Brigade Nyikayaramba cemented his utterance by ordering junior soldiers and traditional leaders to crackdown on MDC supporters.

This then led MDC to approach South African President Jacob Zuma who is the facilitator of the political pact to intervene.