Deputy Speaker Fired

Ncube said it was unfortunate that she was using Mutambara as a shield when in actual fact she belongs to the MDC-T.

Nomalanga Khumalo is the only MP from the MDC who has publicly pledged her loyalty to Mutambara while disowning Ncube.

Speaking after a rally in Umzingwane which Ms Khumalo snubbed, Ncube said it was evident that the deputy speaker of Parliament was unfit to represent his party in any election.

“Her departure is not a painful loss to the MDC family, that is her democratic decision, we work as a team and in a team if a player gets injured you substitute him, you don’t dissolve the team” , said Ncube.

Professor Ncube said Ms Khumalo had decided to cross the floor and could not continue to be their member.

“But it’s something else if a member of team A decides to play for team B. It becomes clear that the member is as good as not being a player. That is the case with MaKhumalo.” said the Professor.

Ncube hinted that legal implications would follow after the finalisation of the Prof Mutambara High Court case.

The law stipulates that if a House of Assembly member is expelled from the party he/she ceases to be a Member of Parliament and the seat should be declared vacant.

MDC-T deputy organising secretary Abedinico Bhebhe, Njabuliso Mguni and Norman Mpofu lost their seats under similar circumstances.