Desist From Personalities Politics: Tsvangirai Urges Ncube

Addressing thousands of his MDC-T supporters in the border town of Plumtree, Tsvangirai said Ncube and his party should focus on bread and batter issues rather than tongue lash him at their party’s rallies.

“Zvinobatsireiko kuramba uchingoti Tsvangirai, Tsvangirai every day. How can you practice politics of personalities? We want politics of issues,” said the Prime Minister referring to Ncube’s recent attacks on him.

The Prime Minister said his party is the only political party in the country which takes people’s concerns seriously and has managed to unite all the ethnic groups in the country.

“Look at what we have done in the inclusive government. When the inclusive government was formed in 2009, our national budget was $US1 billion but the budget has grown to $US4 billion. Our inflation now is the lowest in the world. Next year we are also going to launch the Health Transition Fund which will allow pregnant women and children to access health services free of charge in government health institutions”.

Tsvangirai also revealed that all the three principals in the inclusive government have agreed to find a mechanism which will allow Zimbabweans in the Diaspora especially those in South Africa and Botswana to vote during the next elections which the Prime Minister hinted might be held next year.

The Premier also castigated the indigenisation programme.

“Jobs are not created by taking over Paul’s firm and give it to Peter. We have to increase the size of the cake. We need to have an enabling environment which attracts investment from both inside and outside the country. This is where we differ with Zanu-PF,” he said.