Devolution Of Power Guaranteed;Mwonzora

In an interview with Radio VOP on Monday,
Mwonzora said more than 82 percent of people in the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe said they wanted devolution of power and Zanu (PF) was aware of that.

“Zanu (PF)has no powers to alter the written draft constitution and they are aware that more than 82 percent of Zimbabweans who contributed in the gathering of information for the constitution making process said they wanted devolution of power.

“As Copac we also wonder why one party out of three parties in the GPA is not happy with people’s contributions on devolution of power. I urge you not to vote no in the coming constitutional referendum because Zanu-PF is trying to refuse peoples contributions.

Devolution of Power is guaranteed in the new constitution. I can only urge you to go and register to vote and those without proper documents to go and get one than to campaign for a no vote,” said Hon Mwonzora.

He said Chapter five of the draft constitution covers devolution of power whether President Robert Mugabe wants that or not as MDC and MDC-T are for Devolution of power.

“It is the reason why Zanu-PF walked out in one of the meetings when we told them that we will not support any constitution without devolution of power as people of Zimbabwe said they want that in the new constitution,” said Hon Mwonzora.

He added that devolution of power is the answer to unemployment, development and a number of challenges faced by the people of Zimbabwe.

Bulawayo MDC, MDC-T and ZAPU Youth Assemblies have vowed to campaign for a no vote in the constitutional referendum if devolution of power is not there in the new constitution.

The Youth Assemblies are saying Copac should desist from allowing Zanu-PF to veto the views of the people and they don’t want a skeletal devolution but one with provincial government that are elected by the people.