Diamond Mining Companies Snub Mine Entra

In an interview with Radio Voice of the People, ZITF general manager, Daniel Chigaru, said: “We have no diamond mining company that has enquired or is exhibiting to date, may be in the next three weeks that we are left with, they will come and we are still working with THE Ministry of Mines and Mining Development in partnership with Chamber of Mines Zimbabwe on who is going to officially open Mine Entra on the 26th of this month.”

The show is set to provide a platform for networking, exchange of ideas and deal making and to date the exhibition looks likely to surpass the 1997 edition, where the company recorded the highest ever number of exhibitors and amount of space taken.

Diamond revenues in Zimbabwe remain unclear with Finance Minister Tendai Biti, claiming that the four mines were not declaring everything.

Controversy in the mining of diamond in the country was heightened with the recent announcement that mining licenses will be issued to uniformed forces, raising fears that revenues may be used to enrich top officials in the Zanu (PF) party.

This year’s Mine Entra is kicking off under the theme entitled “Real Local Treasure, Strike Global Returns”.

To date over 6, 500 square metres of exhibition space, a 33 percent increase from last year at the same time, has so far been taken up. A total of 5,798 square metres was sold at Mine Entra in 2011.

“In total, 200 direct exhibitors have confirmed their participation so far against last year’s closing total of 2009. Of this, 10 are foreign exhibitors, mainly from South Africa, occupying 100 square metres,” said Chigaru.

He said that a healthy mix of mining, engineering and transport products and services will be on show including heavy engineering, conveyors, rubber products, electrics and electronics as well as pumps and other equipment.

“The Mine Entra 2012 will also showcase services such as banking, security, insurance, customs clearing, medical and chemical supplies. Building and construction equipment will also be prominent as well as protective clothing and other safety products,” said Chigaru.

He added that Mine Entra 2012 conference and Joint Suppliers and Purchasers Conference were some of the highlights of the exhibition that have been organised in conjunction with Chamber of Mines Zimbabwe.

“Both conferences will add value to Mine Entra participants and give an opportunity to up-date all stakeholders on the state of the mining industry in Zimbabwe. We look forward to a fruitful and successful Mine Entra 2012. Advertisers and sponsors are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to increase their visibility,” said Chigaru.