Didymus Mutasa Calls Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Saturday claimed that former State Security minister Didymus Mutasa phoned him last week to check on his health.


Speaking at an indaba with ex-detainees, war collaborators and widows of war veterans, Mugabe said Mutasa, who is now a top member of the Joice Mujuru led Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF), only asked about his health but he suspected the former minister wanted to talk about something big.


“Mutasa called me as I came in from Morocco and I spoke to him,” the 92-year-old ruler said.

“He asked over my health and that of my family and I in turned asked over his health and that of his family. I also asked about the health of his mother-in-law who I had heard was not feeling well,” he said.

Mugabe said Mutasa told him that he just wanted to check on him because the two had last spoken to each other some time ago.

“I also said to him, yes, it’s been quite a while, then I asked if it was all he wanted. He said yes, it’s all, but I am not stupid. I know there was something he was looking for,” he said.

Mugabe went on to attack Mutasa, saying he was involved in massive corruption while he was responsible for the land reform programme.

“He gave only his relatives from Makoni land and he would be lying saying he supported me. His slogan was vaMugabe chete chete [Mugabe alone], yet he left the party without even telling me. I just heard that he was gone but he never said anything to me,” he said.

Mugabe said he was strongly opposed to the eviction of war veterans from farms they invaded at the height of the land reform programme.

He promised to give them two gold mines to help address their welfare, while in the same breath acknowledging that diamond mining had failed in Zimbabwe.

“Diamonds are a failure. We will see if we can give you gold mines. Two gold mines will help address your issues,” he said.