‘Dignified exit’ agreed for Lesotho PM

Following the intervention of South African mediators, politicians in Lesotho have pledged “a dignified retirement” for the country’s prime minister.

Thomas Thabane has been under pressure to step down over allegations he had a hand in the murder of his estranged wife in 2017.

Exactly what has been proposed in order to end the political crisis in Lesotho has not been made public.

But following talks between members of the coalition government and South African mediators, a statement was released which mentions a deal involving “a dignified and secure exit” for the prime minister.

That could mean Mr Thabane would have to step down immediately but would no longer be under investigation over suspicions he played a role in the murder of his estranged wife three years ago.

His current wife has already been charged with the murder. Both deny any involvement.