Disabled tout shouts for assistance

By Tendai Mange

MASVINGO- A 25-year old disabled tout is appealing for assistance in the form of a wheelchair to enable him to move around easily when doing his job.

Kudakwashe Nemera stays with his mother’s sister in Mucheke A and he makes money by touting at old Croco Motors opposite Zuva Kyle fuel station along the road to Harare.

He helps to load pirate taxes travelling from Masvingo to Gweru and Zvishavane.

Nemera is currently using a ramshackle wheelchair which is in urgent need of repairs.

A close friend to Nemera said he felt for his colleague since the people who used to help him no longer do so.

He said some South Africa-based people had been his main source of help but they were no longer coming.

Nemera said there was competition at his work place and sometimes he gets pushed around by colleagues, making it difficult for him to find as much work as his fully-abled-bodied colleagues.

“I am facing challenges like being shoved around by other touts when competing to find customers. If I can get a new wheelchair, my work will be easier and I will be able to make enough money of my own without relying on other people,” said Nemera.

He said people with disabilities should be supported to be self-reliant rather than to be condemned to destitution and begging.

“I have the spirit to work and not be a receiver of hand-outs. With the necessary support, I can stand shoulder to shoulder with any other person who might have physical advantages over me,” said Nemera.

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