Disgruntled EFF Member Calls Malema A Liar

A disgruntled EFF member on Friday accused party leader Julius Malema of lying when he claimed that unhappy members could approach him.

“Julius is a liar,” said EFF member Lufuno Gogoro.

“He is lying that we can sit down with him. Julius doesn’t want to listen to anyone except [EFF chief whip] Floyd [Shivambu] and we cannot run an organisation through friendship.”

Gogoro is among a group of EFF members, calling itself defenders of the EFF constitution, which had planned to approach the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg on Friday for an urgent interdict against Malema and the EFF’s leadership.

It wanted a stop put to the party’s provincial conferences and its national people’s assembly, which is expected to be held in December.

Earlier on Friday, Malema told reporters in Johannesburg that disgruntled members were urged to use internal processes before turning to the courts.

“None of these people who went to court raised any query [with us],” he said.

“They must follow internal organisational processes. It’s not too late. They are more than welcome to approach us.”

Gogoro said he had sent Malema a number of SMSes and e-mails requesting a meeting, to no avail.

He also wanted the court to verify his party membership, claiming Malema had announced his expulsion without informing him of the reason.

Julius Malema went into public at the Tshwane people’s assembly and he got too much excited and said Lufuno Gogoro is not a member of the EFF, he has been expelled and he will not be allowed into the provincial people’s assembly.

“So what inspired him to say that? I don’t know.”

Gogoro said he was an active member of the EFF and would stand for the position of EFF Gauteng chairperson at the province’s people’s assembly this weekend.

He said the group withdrew its court application on Friday morning after Malema’s lawyers produced an agreement that Gogoro be allowed to attend the people’s assembly and stand for the post of provincial chair.

He said it would reinstate the court action if the EFF went back on its word.

Gogoro said no one was contesting the position and he would be elected.

He accused Malema of trying to destroy the EFF.

“He’s a liar. He’s just trying to play nice guy because he knows he’s destroying this movement.

“He has no one to blame but himself. He is a dictator… It is difficult to confront Julius.”

‘Friends of Julius’

Gogoro accused Malema and Shivambu of parachuting former ANC members into leadership position within the EFF.

“Today Julius is bringing in his friends. We can’t allow the EFF to become the friends of Julius. The EFF must be independent from any individual,” Gogoro said.

He said the group of disgruntled members would not leave the EFF, but would continue to fight for the party it had helped build.

Gogoro claimed that around 75% of EFF members were unhappy with Malema’s leadership.

“Nobody is going to force us out… We going to continue to run this organisation.”

The group said it would ask its lawyers to obtain access to the EFF’s bank account as there were rumours that R4m had gone missing.

“We are of a view that our money is being misused… We need to be sure,” Gogoro said.

“We talking about a man who has been charged with corruption. We talking about a man who loves money more than people.”

He said if it came out that Malema had stolen money from the party the EFF would insist that he repay it.

“People who steal our resources must be arrested. If he has taken it… he must pay it back,” Gogoro said.