Disgruntled Sponsor To Attach Dembare Property

In a writ of execution, lawyers representing Chutney Investments say the High Court on 15 June delivered a judgment in its favour against the 2010 soccer champions to recover $6 800, which was advanced to Dynamos in March 2009 to purchase football kits for the reigning soccer champions, but which the soccer club had defaulted in repaying.

“You are required to attach and take into execution the movable goods of Dynamos Football Club Private Limited above mentioned respondent of National Sports Stadium, Bay No 7, Harare and of the same cause to be realised the sum of US$6 800 together with interest currently 5 percent per annum from 26th day of May 2009 to date of payment,” part of the writ of execution obtained by Chutney Investments’ lawyers Chihambakwe, Mutizwa and Partners reads.

Chutney Investments and Dynamos allegedly entered into a verbal agreement in terms of which the local company supplied the football club with football kits. The football kits comprised of 40 tracksuits, 30 training kits and socks, 40 tackies and 40 caps.

Chutney’s lawyers say despite acknowledging its indebtedness in various correspondences Dynamos failed, neglected and refused to pay the amount due.

Apart from Chutney, businessman, Lyndon Miles is demanding $10 000 which was loaned to the football club in May last year.

Miles alleges that he entered into a written loan agreement with Dynamos s where he lent the Harare based football team $10 000 to be used towards an unspecified purpose.

But, Dynamos according to Miles has despite several demands refused, failed and or neglected to pay back the loan, which he says has ballooned to $13 588.