Dismantled GNU, Independent Journalists Scaring Investors

He said the investors were currently looking at Zimbabwe and “want to invest due to the smooth running of the current GNU but if this is disrupted early next year then there will be trouble”.

Paul Burton, who is a mining magnet and an Editor of a famous mining magazine in the UK said : “Investors were looking at Zimbabwe and were proud of the current GNU’s progress. But if it is disrupted inorder to hold elections next year then they (investors) will sit on the fence again as was happening before the GNU came in.”

“Once the elections take place there will not be any investment because investors will sit on the fence once again and your mining industry especially will die,” he told investors gathered in Harare. “If you lose the momentum right then now you will never recover because investment waits for no one,” he said.

Meanwhile the Minister of Tourism, Walter Mzembi, said independent journalists were scaring away potential investment with their negative stories most of which were “far fetched”.

“I am worried about the polarisation and negative reporting by independent journalists,” he told visiting tourists in Harare.

“The independent journalists behave as if they are not Zimbabweans. In fact some of their stories are much worse than foreign stories which we read on the internet.”

Mzembi said polarisation among the local media was killing the profession and the small industry which was trying to rebuild itself.

“You must be patriotic,” he said.

“We want positive stories about Zimbababwe so that the tourists come here full stop.”

The meeting was attended by foreign journalists and tourists who had come for the Travel Expo in Harare.