Disqualify political parties that fail to meet 50-50 gender parity

By Stephen Chadenga

Women Coalition of Zimbabwe, Gweru chapter outgoing vice chairperson,
Florence Guzha has said women should advocate for a statutory
instrument that disqualifies political parties that fail to meet the
50-50 gender parity in the selection of candidates in the 2023 general

Speaking recently at the chapter’s meeting in Gweru, Guzha said such a
lobby would increase women participation in decision making positions
to advance their interests.

“As women we should advocate for a law that makes it mandatory for
political parties to meet the 50-50 gender parity in the selection of
candidates,”Guzha said.

“Should such parties fail to meet such a requirement in the 2023
elections they should not be allowed to participate in the

The chapter’s coordinator Vimbai Nhutsve-Musengi said civil society
should come up with strategies that ensure effective inclusion of
women in governance spaces.

She said the continued failure especially by political parties to meet
equal gender representation in candidates selection was affecting the
increased participation of women in decision making positions.

In 2018 a report by Women in Politics Support Unit, showed that out of
the 210 National Assembly seats, 84 were contested by men only.

The same report also noted that in the previous (2018) general
elections a total of 1 405 males competed for National Assembly seats
compared to only 243 females.