Dlamini-Zuma To Hold Talks On Zim Passport Delays

Dlamini-Zuma said on Friday her department’s drive to issue permits to more than a quarter of a  million Zimbabweans living in South Africa was being hampered by delays on the part of officials in Harare.

 “We have a dependency we cannot do anything about. It depends on them,” she told a media briefing in Cape Town.
  “We are still awaiting passports from the applicants who are awaiting them from the Zimbabwean government.”
She said at this point it was not possible to say how many of the 275,762 Zimbabweans who had applied for documents to enable them to remain in South Africa, lacked valid Zimbabwean passports but hoped the meeting would make it clear.The government last year launched a campaign to regularise Zimbabweans’ status in South Africa after the political situation in the neighbouring state stabilised.

Officials in South Africa say they are not happy with the way the Zimbabwean government has handled the issuing of passports to those who have applied for permits.Home Affairs says the Zimbabwe dispensation project is expected to be finalised by end of June.After June those whose applications were rejected would be rounded up and deported back to Zimbabwe.