Do Schools Need Extra Lessons?

Extra lessons have become a central part of the local education system, with students even in grade one being forced to abandon their play time for a date with teachers after hours.

The concept which by accident or by design has coincided with the coming of the multi-currency regime has however not translated to a better pass rate.

Most Zimbabwean children who attend government schools especially those in the high density areas are being deprived of their time to play by greedy teachers who are cashing in on extra lessons.

The teachers are allegedly deliberately dragging the syllabus into periods that are meant for extra curriculum activities as well as weekends and holidays.

Students whose parents are not in a position to pay for the extra lessons are reportedly victimised by the teachers in a way that some have interpreted as extortion.

For Education Coalition of Zimbabwe director Maxwell Rafomoyo, the school curriculum is clearly laid out and there is room for children to play meaning playing is an important aspect in any child’s life.

“The teachers should be reigned in on because children cannot be denied of an important phase of their social development. The current situation is regrettable,” he said.

Despite children being choked with extra lessons the pass rate has not improved and many are questioning why the responsible ministry has not intervened.