Dodging Chefs Sign Attendance Registers

By Itai Muzondo

MASVINGO – As the ruling Zanu(PF) party exerts grip on political power, it came as a surprise to many when on Thursday as all government and council heads of department were compelled to sign attendance registers at Chief  Nyakunhuwa’s funeral gathering in Zaka.

In attendance as the guest of honour was the Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, Saviour Kasukuwere did not object the procedure as he was reportedly disappointed by National Rural District Councils Chairperson, Killer Zivhu’s disappearance at an event where he was installing Chief Chivi.

The heads of department who were gathered at the event denied commenting on the unusual development although a source who commented on conditions of anonymity said it is alleged that most of them are used to the so-called ‘Zivhu’ behaviour of disappearing in the midst of an event and most of them were reported absent at the recently held Heroes celebrations at their respective districts.

“This is a move to make sure that all head of departments do not dodge  as was the case when national events are taking course. Most of them have the tendcency of disappearing as the proceedings are still in progress and the major blow was their absence at the recently held Heroes celebrations which government was concerned with,” the source said.

Kasukuwere took the mourning event to castigate Rural District Councils (RDC) in Masvingo for preferring to lead luxurious lives than fostering development and further called for the slashing of five dollars taxes being paid to councils by villagers.

“It is the duty of councils to foster development than focus on purchasing luxurious assets.  A vehicle might be needed but possibilities also stand that if the old ones are well serviced, money would be saved and put to reasonable developmental work.

“This tax being imposed on rural homesteads should also go,” said Kasukuwere.

“The District Development Fund (DDF) should also concentrate on doing their duties, especially the maintenance of roads,” Kauskuwere added.

Chief Nyakunhuwa Jerera Wafawanaka Mashavave who died in a road accident on Saturday at the Zaka turnoff near Buffalo Range airport in Chiredzi was  accorded a traditional burial as no one knows where he was buried nor did the time the burial took place as was the case with other traditional chiefs

He is reported to have lost control of his vehicle, a Toyota Hilux which veered off the road and overturned killing him on the spot. He was coming from Triangle, where he owned a sugarcane plot among his several businesses.

Wafawanaka Mashavave was the substantive chief in Zaka after he was appointed in 2006. He was 56 years old and leaves behind three wives and several children.

 Also present at the ceremony was Chief’s Council President, Fortune Charumbira and Zanu (PF) Provincial Chairperson, Paradzai Chakona.