Don't Parrot Western Ideologies, Mugabe Lectures African Journalists

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has called on African journalists to tell the “African story” and stop being “used” by Western powers to “despise” the continent’s heads of state, media reports said on Thursday.  

Mugabe told journalists at the end of the Ebola Conference in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, that they should not allow the West to dictate to them what to write.

According to the state-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), Mugabe said some journalists were on a mission to tarnish the image of African leaders, instead of concentrating on developmental issues.

The report said a number of African leaders, including Mugabe, had over the years received negative coverage from the media because of their “unwavering stance against Western imperialism and their call for the empowerment of the black majority”.

Mugabe urged African media not to “parrot Western ideologies”.

“They don’t do that to their own leaders. But they make you despise us, they make you destroy our images in the press and when you do that, are you being an African?,” Mugabe was quoted by The Herald as saying.