Double Cabinet Meetings To Compensate For Mugabe's Absence

Mugabe was speaking at the State House to mark his 87 birthday. Cabinet did not sit when the veteran leader was out of the country for an eye medical review after he underwent an eye cataract operation in Singapore in December, his spokesperson told the media.

“We can have two cabinet meetings in one week to make up for any lost time,” Mugabe told journalists who attended his birthday celebration at the State house.

Mugabe returned from Singapore on Sunday after he went to the Asian country on February 11 for a medical review accused the West of working to oust him from power by using economic sanctions but said the embargo will go one day.

“Those who colonized us yesterday year are still trying to bring regime change. There is a struggle on two fronts, resistance to sanctions and internally you have to turn resources into meaningful earnings.But regime change and sanctions will come and go. That is why I continue to resist any interference in our domestic affairs,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe’s health troubles has been speculated in the media for sometime now. Some foreign newspapers claim he is suffering from prostate cancer.