Double Trouble For Human Rights Activist Facing Treason Charges

The activist who refused to be named told Radio VOP, that she was evicted from her home while in prison. She would not say whether the eviction was influenced by her newly found
status as a “dangerous criminal” charged of planning to topple the government through unconstitutional means.

“I was evicted while I was in jail and I am currently living at a friend’s house,” the activist told Radio VOP.

“It was a tough experience but I guess I have to move on and accept it as part of life.”

The activists who is a mother of one and is recovering from ill health caused by her stay in prison said she had to endure the pain of having her son looked after by well wishers following the eviction.

“My friends took him in and hosted a birthday party for him while I was in jail,” she said.

She now has to put up with recovering from the horrors of jail and looking for a new place to stay as well as staying on the police radar and reporting three times a week.

Despite her ordeals she has vowed to carry on with her work as a human rights activist.

She and others are supposed to be back in court on April 20 and are expected to ask the court to relax their bail conditions.