Draft Constitution Out in Ten Days

Speaking at a Mass Public Opinion forum on Thursday in Harare Douglas Mwonzora of the MDC-T confirmed.

 “We are just ten days only before we give you a draft constitution for the people of Zimbabwe to see whether it contains what they want or not…once we have finished, it will not be a secret it will be given to all stakeholders and given time to analyse the document.”

On whether elections should be held this or next year, Mwonzora said there is need to create a level playing field.

“You need to address the super structure first, you need to put conditions and rules right first before you play the game. Rules of engagement are contained in a document called the constitution,” he said.

Mwonzora lashed at Madhuku’s proposal of a people driven constitution saying it has never worked the world over.

He said “The alternative that Professor (Lovemore) Madhuku proposes has never worked anywhere in the world. Tried in Kenya and it failed, tried in Zambia and it also failed”.

The COPAC co-chairperson said elections are beneficial in that it will see the removal of dictatorship, termination of ruinous policies and practices of Zanu PF, the commencement of genuine and meaningful elections, bringing of better days for college students and the return of constitutionalism and rule of law.

Also present at the function was Education, Sport, Arts and Culture Minister David Coltart who said elections in Zimbabwe anytime soon will not benefit Zimbabwe calling for the distribution of resources to humanitarian issues.

‘I tried to scratch my head for the whole night to try and find the possible benefits of an election in the country but I could not find one,” Coltart said.

Zanu PF sympathiser Goodson Nguni said Zanu PF is going to pull out of the GNU and go ahead with the elections with or without a new constitution.

“Like the president has said we will have elections this year,” Nguni said.

Zanu PF has vowed that they want elections to be held this year with or without a new constitution while the other parties – MDC formations and Mavambo – are saying elections should be held only after a new constitution.