Drama as Pastor Makandiwa Flees Journalists

Makandiwa arrived at the motor showroom in a Lexus 570 model with his wife and three body guards.

The youthful pastor was spotted by journalists in the ZIMOCO showroom while admiring a Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Base GL350 BlueTEC 4dr AWD 4MATIC, which costs at least US$70 000. His body guards quickly rushed to block the entrance to stop scribes from getting in.

“Please we are not going to allow you take him photos because by doing so you will be invading his privacy. You should respect his privacy because he is doing private business,” said the body guards.

“No pictures in our showroom you can wait for him outside,” shouted a ZIMOCO showroom staff.

Seeing the commotion, Makandiwa sneaked out of the showroom through the back door and drove off.

Pastor Makandiwa is the founder of United Family Interdenominational Ministries.