Dutch Envoy Condemns Property Grab In Zim

Zanu (PF), army, intelligence and police officials were recently fingered in the invasion of the Save Conservancy in Masvingo.

“We are very much concerned about the on-going land invasions. The economic developments and employment goes down in Zimbabwe. We have bilateral agreements with Zimbabwe and we are very concerned that our treaties are not being respected. It is also bad in that the Dutch investment is also damaged.

“Dutch investors are losing confidence because of this. We have tried to engage the authorities but they are doing nothing about it. We are very much concerned about this. All this undermines investor confidence,” Jazoisse told journalists in Bulawayo during a press conference on Thursday.

Jazoisse also condemned the grabbing of companies under the guise of empowerment saying it undermines investor confidence.

 “There is nothing wrong with empowerment. The question is, is this indigenisation going to help the majority of Zimbabweans?

“Confidence, property rights and the rule of law guarantees investment. I do not believe the people will be empowered when no investors are coming into the country,” Jazoisse said. “The economic cake should grow so that everyone benefits.”

Jazoisse said the Dutch government committed US$40 million last year to Zimbabwe while US$2 million had been set aside for food security for the year.

She added that transparency was required at the diamond mines.

“Zimbabwe is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of minerals but transparency is lacking…you have to weed corruption so that revenue generated from the abundant natural resources are channeled through treasury,” she said.

Joziasse also said urged the media to play a pivotal role in nation building, saying negative reporting hurt the country.
“I am not Zimbabwean and l cannot tell you how to run your country but…before you write anything you must ask yourself a question on what benefits the article will bring to the country.”