Dzamara Says Political Parties Scrambling For His Membership

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Harare, June 26, 2016 – FIREBRAND pro-democracy activist Patson Dzamara says he has been approached by local political parties inviting him to join their ranks but says he has declined the invitations.

Dzamara, 30, has turned fierce critic of President Robert Mugabe’s regime after his older brother and Occupy Africa Unity Square pioneer, Itai Dzamara was abducted by suspected state agents March last year.

Since the time, Patson has joined Itai’s colleagues and other activists to stage several anti-Mugabe demos at Africa Unity Square.

Several incidences of his arrest and torture by the authorities have not extinguished his activism.

Probably impressed by the youthful energy he has displayed, political parties were trying to lure him to join their ranks, he says.

“Our enemy is just but one- Mugabe and his Zanu PF. I have been approached by over 10 political parties to assume leadership positions but I have found it not appealing to joining any party at this juncture,” Dzamara wrote on his Facebook page.

Dzamara did not state which particular parties were after him but the activist has in the past months seemed closer to the MDC-T.

The leadership trainer turned activist has never hidden his desires to join active politics in future, at one time telling RadioVOP he would consider what many regard as a dirty job.

A few weeks ago, Dzamara, together with other political activists, were incarcerated for nearly a week days on alleged robbery.


The group insists the charges were concocted by the state in an attempts to get them off Africa Unity Square, where there had spent a week into what was meant to be 16 consecutive days of sleeping at the park as part of their protests.